Are Fluorescent Lights Bad? What The Research Says

Are fluorescent lights are harmful? What do the Researchers say about the negative effects of fluorescent lights? It is an exciting question, and I know everyone wants to know about it. It is a fact that most of us use fluorescent lighting in our homes, offices, and working places. Additionally, at many public places like shopping malls and buildings, different fluorescent light bulbs fit in. This is due to their lower prices and easy access. But, do you know these fitted fluorescent lights have harmful effects too? It is not a bluff. Science proved that inflorescent lights cause serious harmful effects on health such as migraines, eye diseases, insomnia, etc.

According to experts, fluorescent lighting causes health issues because they emit UV rays, heat, and flickering issues. Working people often complain that they experience the worst headache or Eye straining while working under fluorescent lights at their offices. This is basically due to the flickering effect of light bulbs. These issue causes are the root cause of health issues. But do Fluorescent lights cause any harm directly to your eyes?

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Why Florescent Cause Diseases

There are various negative effects of fluorescent lights on health because they contain harmful substances such as mercury gas. Mercury is not suitable for the skin because it causes skin irritation and its close content to florescent causes many health issues due to the small amount of mercury.

Another cause of inflorescent side effects is Flickering, and it directly affects the eyes and causes migraines. Additionally, these fluorescent emits ultraviolet rays, which are also harmful to human health.

Here Are Few Health Issues

1. Eye Disease

The eyes are the most sensitive part of our body organ. That’s why eyes infections happen so quickly. Many factors cause eye infections. Still, according to researches, there are multiple negative effects of fluorescent lights on the eyes, and these fluorescent lights are the main reason for eye infections such as inflammation in the eyes, ocular strain, and squinting. These eye diseases are caused because the fluorescent bulbs emit UV rays, affecting the eyes’ health.

The research paper was conducted in 2011 assessed the health risk of using fluorescent light bulbs, and These bulbs a 12% increased risk of UV-mediated Eye diseases in persons where they are used in excess. They also increase the risk of cataracts in older adults.

Moreover, the researcher claims that fluorescent lights also cause astigmatism, myopia, and retinal damage.

3. Disturb Circadian Rhythm

For a perfect circadian rhythm, your body needs a healthy melatonin cycle. According to this research, fluorescent bulbs emit a broader range of wavelengths that severely damage the body clock. Disturbance of circadian rhythm is one of the negative effects of fluorescent lights.

  • Difficulty in falling asleep and insomnia and disturbance of sleep pattern
  • Sleepiness and tiredness during shift work
  • Easy fatigue
  • Rapid Exhaustion
  • Lack of interest
  • Inability to make Instant and Correct Decision
  • Acne and pains, joint Stiffness
  • Gastritis and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

2. Migraines

Migraine is a severe neurological disease, and about one billion people are affected by migraines. But the question is, does inflorescent lights can cause migraine or trigger migraine? And the answer is yes. According to Many neurosurgeons inflorescent lights trigger migraines if you have a headache problem; florescent increases the chance of migraines. They claim headaches. Migraine attacks and mental issues are due to the negative effects of fluorescent lights.

Research conducted by Cincinnati Children’s hospital proved that photophobic people often get migraines and are susceptible to these fluorescent lights. However, this is due to the flickering effect of fluorescent lights, which flicker at an extremely high rate. As these bulbs start to go, flickering can be seen by the human eye, and it causes migraines within no time.

According to a research report Of Thera specs, about 85 percent of chronic headaches patients experience severe migraines due to inflorescent lights.

In addition, Researchers say that lighting alone can’t be the sole cause of triggering a migraine, but poor ventilation also aggravates it. Thus, to avoid these headaches and migraines, one must use fluorescent light filters, which are not so expensive and readily available.

4. Disturbs sleeping Cycle

Researches have proved that if you work under fluorescent lights for more than 8 hours a day, it affects your sleep cycle massively. You can’t get enough doubt there are various adverse effects of fluorescent lights because these fluorescent lights emit multiple shades of blue light, which affects melatonin production by body cells. This melatonin controls our sleep cycle. Lack of melatonin makes people insomniac and irritable.

5. Skin irritation

According to a study, Fluorescent light bulbs use a minimal amount of mercury to emit light from them. While sitting under these fluorescent lights, you have a significant risk of being exposed to mercury, and it may lead to mercury poisoning and cause skin irritation. In addition, the red patches become visible due to fluorescent light allergies.

Moreover, the fluorescent bulbs emit ultraviolet rays that also affect the skin and cause skin rashes. In short, skin problems occur due to the negative effects of fluorescent lights. Thus, it would be best if you were careful while using and disposing of these bulbs; otherwise, you may end up turning your home into a highly contaminated area.


It is a fact that fluorescent lights are cheaper and easy to use, but they have various drawbacks. These fluorescent lights affect human health and have multiple negative effects of fluorescent lights on human health. Many researchers proved that these fluorescent lights cause skin allergies, eye infections, migraines, and many other mental health issues. If you are using fluorescent lighting in your homes, schools, offices, or shops, immediately replace them with advanced technology lights such as led lights because this will protect you and your family from the negative effects of fluorescent lights.