How To Replace T8 Fluorescent Lamps With T8 LED Bulbs

Do you want to know what the best option for the replacement of your T8 fluorescent lights is? And the quick answer to this eternal question is T8 LED bulbs. Some time ago, fluorescent was affordable and environmentally friendly, so it was preferred. As technology progressed, people’s opinions changed because many famous brands and companies introduced advanced LED lighting. These LEDs became more efficient and affordable, and fluorescent lights became a dinosaur. Because these LED lights have various advantages such as these LED tubes are modern, quick, and quite easy to install. We must say this is the best choice for replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED It is very easy to use to install new LED lights in place of fluorescent tubes, and these are beneficial for small to large facilities.

Few advantages of T8 LED bulbs are mentioned below

  • Light Quality

LEDs are free from flickering issues, unlike fluorescent. Additionally, LED lights are available in different colors temperatures.

  • Energy-Efficient

The efficiency of LED lights is more than that of fluorescent. For example, LEDs are 30 percent more effective than fluorescent.

  • Mercury-Free

LEDs are environmentally friendly because they are free from mercury. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs contain mercury.

  • Dimmable

LED can be adjusted, e.g., it can be dimmed. But, unfortunately, it is very expensive to make fluorescently dimmable, and it doesn’t work properly.

  • Shatterproof

Most LED lights have a shatterproof coating that helps in reducing UV light emission and protects the light from damage.

  • Easier To Operate

When fluorescent lights are turned on and off quickly, they burn out while the lifespan of LED doesn’t depend on turning on and off.

  • Directional Lighting

The best thing about LED light is that LED is best for directional lighting as it gives illumination where it is needed. While fluorescent lights give multi-directional lighting and you can’t get enough light where it is actually what we need.

  • Life Span

The fluorescent bulb has 30,000 hours life span while LED has a life span of 50,000 hours. Additionally, the latest models of T8 LED bulbs can last for 84,000 hours. When replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED, you have few options such as

Type A: LED tube has an integrated driver

To operate Type A LED tubes, T8 electronic ballast is required. Installation is made so easy and quick by these T8 electronic bulbs. For this, you’ll have to remove the previous T8 fluorescent bulb and install the new T8 LED bulb. The ballast should also be changed before installing the new LED lamp. Type A T8 LED bulbs should be compatible with the ballast. Commercial grade ballast is not so good for Type 1 LED. You must check the compatibility before using any. But lifespan is shorter as compared to other types of LED lights because its life totally depends upon ballast.

Type B: LED Tube Has an Internal Driver

In the case of Type B LED tubes, ballast is removed, and power is wired directly in the socket. The power is conserved and is not wasted in ballast. Type B is more effective than Type-A. It makes it budget-friendly as there is no need to change it. Type B LED tubes are available in 2 forms single-end wired or double-end wired.

Additionally, the best thing about Type A LED is that it is easy and quick to install. The chance floss of light is zero with a Type B LED bulb. This is the best way of replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED

Moreover, the Type B T8 LED bulbs are available in different sizes such as 2-inch, 4 inch, 6 inches, and 8 inches. Note one thing before replacing with Type B LED, and few LEDs are not dimmable. So replace wisely.

Type C: LED Tube Has External Drivers

Type C LED uses a remote driver to operate the LED. And the best thing is one remote can operate many LED lights, and this resembles linear fluorescent lighting operates. In Type C, LED ballast is required to be removed. It also requires an extensive installation type. In short Type, C T8 LED bulbs are good for replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED.

Type D: (Combo of Type A And Type B) LED Tube Can Work Off An Existing Compatible Ballast And Of Direct Line Voltage

Type D is Dual mode. They will operate on the previously existing ballasts, and they can be directly wired to the line voltage. If you want to operate it on existing ballast, then you should check the compatibility. These are also single wired as well as double wired and efficient for replacing fluorescent light fixtures with T8 LED bulbs

Look At These Things Before Buying Type A T8 LED Bulbs

The following things should be kept in mind before replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED

  • Warranty

The warranty of some T8 LED bulbs are up to 5 years. Some sellers sell tubes with a warranty of 30 days. So it would be best to also check the factory/manufacturer warranties.

  • Voltage

Voltage is written on the tube’s packaging. So you should consider this voltage list. Some T8 LED bulbs to have a voltage of 120 or 277volts. It would help if you bought the light having voltage ranges from 120 to 277 volts.

  • Emergency fluorescent lighting systems

Only Type A can work with the emergency built-up in the fluorescent fixtures.


As we all know replacing fluorescent lights is not an easy thing because you have to be more careful about LED Types. You must choose the best and efficient product, and due to advanced technology LED lights are the best options for replacing fluorescent light fixtures with LED. These LED lights are made up of advanced technology so replace your T8 fluorescent light with T8 LED bulbs without hesitation.