Types of LED Lightbulbs: How to Choose the Right One

Do you know LED bulbs are available in various designs? LED lights are worldwide used lights. Now a day’s people are choosing LED lights over other lights such as inflorescent and CFL lights. Because LED has great properties such as save energy, low heat, no mercury, cooler than other lights, and great output. These LED lights are known as energy savers.

In recent past the LED designs were limited but now Different brands now introduced new designs of LED lights with advanced technology. Now markets are full of different types of LED lights, so more elegant designs are available. Now multiple options are accessible. You can choose the design of your choice and according to your need. There difference in designs but almost functioning is same such as golf, balls, tubes GLS, spotlight and reflectors. LED lights are now available with different features such as small size, durable, robust, long-lasting, minimum power consumption, and instant switching. Because of all these features LED lights are more famous and reliable among people of all ages.

There are different types of LED lights are mentioned

Color LED

The Colored LED is very charming and becomes the center of attraction. It comes in 3 different forms like cool white LED, warm white LED, and daylight LED. Daylight LED has two colors white and hints of blue. It highlights the main color

Dimmer switches

Like all other bulbs LED is also available with dimmer switches. Dimmer switches with LED work better than dimmer and incandescent bulbs. So everybody should replace the normal bulbs with LED bulbs as they work better than these normal bulbs. Moreover LED can work on lower wattage.

LED tubes

It is the substitute for fluorescent tubes. It does not require ballast or rewiring. It operates on a series of the LED miniature. Moreover, it is available in all sizes. This thing makes it more accessible and reachable


According to BBC LED filament lined with graphene is the most demanded LED in late 2015. It is not expensive and saves money up to 10 percent. A Russian scientist who was operating at Manchester University firstly invented the use of Graphene LED.


COB LED is known as a surface-mounted device and is famous for LED lighting. These SMD chips give extra brightness to the bulb. It is used in offices and houses

Graphic LED

According to BBC LED filament lined with graphene is the most demanded LED in late 2015. It is not expensive and saves money up to 10 percent. A Russian scientist who was operating at Manchester University firstly invented the use of Graphene LED.

Inorganic LED

Some traditional LEDs are also available with diodes inserted in them. They are formed from inorganic compounds. The widely used LEDs are manufactured from semiconductor substances like gallium arsenide phosphide. The color of the LED depends upon the material used to manufacture it. There are different formats and types of can even be classified on the basis of inorganic materials. There are different kinds of LED like surface-mounted LED, flashing LED, bicolor and multicolor LEDs. Different LEDs are operated at different voltages, for example, a single color LED in a 5mm alphanumeric LED display.

Inorganic LEDs are of high intensity and high brightness. Such LED lights are used for decoration and lighting has maximum energy output. To get the maximum energy output there should a proper power dissipation and current level. If we talk about efficiency then LEDs are much better than these normal bulbs. Automated lamps are widely used for domestic purposes. These are very efficient and environment-friendly.

Organic LED

Organic LEDs have a light-emitting diode. The LED is made of organic components. The light-emitting diode uses inorganic semiconductors with different dopants. They emitted light from the PN junction. Organic LED is made from thin sheets and produces an area having diffused light. It is actually a thin film material and is printed on a glass substrate. As LEDs are efficient so their use is increasing day by day. Now they are being used in every field.


Here are few answers to the frequently asked question

Which one is the best-LED light or fluorescent light?

NO doubt LED is better than fluorescent, because LEDs are made up of advanced technology and have advanced features. Additionally LED are safe health too, on other hand florescent may cause health issues such as eye diseases, skin allergies, etc.

All types of LED lights are easily available in the market?

Yes, all types of LED lights are easily available in the market. You can purchase these lights online

Which one is the best COB LED or SMD LED?

Both types are good, but SMD LEDs are more effective as compared to COB LEDs. Because SMD output is greater than COB, it produced more light with lower wattage. So SMD is better than COB

Both organic LED lights and inorganic lights are similar?

No, organic LED lights are completely different from inorganic LED lights. Because organic LEDs use organic compounds to light up but inorganic LED lights use yellow material. So these are two different types of LED not the same.

Which one is best to use at home organic LED lights or inorganic LED lights?

If you want to choose the best LED light for your home, pick organic LED light because organic LED lights work on low and give great output as compared to inorganic LED lights.

Are colored LED lights are good for health?

Yes, these lights are harmless, because these lights do not contain mercury, so these lights do not cause any harm to the eyes.