Are you a manufacturer of products that you would love to sell on Amazon, but not sure how?

Perhaps you’ve tried in the past to sell on Amazon and you found it to be too confusing, time-consuming, not profitable, or a combination of many reasons? Let us at Forever Young Distribution help you get your products listed and noticed by your consumers in a way that makes you profitable. We can work with any size clients, it doesn’t matter if your production area is your kitchen table or you have over 1 million square feet facility. We can customize a selling plan and strategy that will make profitable on Amazon.

Why Partner With Us?

Transparency: We loving working with our vendors and we are always 100% transparent with our clients. We show all of our costs associated with your account. And this is why we consider our relationship a partnership. We want you to be profitable as well as us.

Account Management

We are constantly monitoring our clients’ product pages to ensure the pages are accurate, formatted properly, and pricing is priced right. We keep track of inventory, sales, mini PnLs, returns and provide you with reports weekly, monthly, quarterly (as often as you’d like). We answer all consumer’s questions and feedback as well as reaching out to help increase reviews (which helps sales and Amazon’s algorithm).

Customize Selling Plans

Most other companies who represent vendors will only work with you if your items are FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon). And that doesn’t always make sense. This is where working with a flexible company (like us) benefits you. Amazon charges you for storage in their facilities, so loading up their facilities with your products can be costly if it isn’t done right. And sometimes are vendors are not set up for fulfillment for B2C (Business to Consumer) We have warehouse space throughout the country that helps fulfill B2C and B2B orders for our clients when FBA and Fulfillment by the vendor doesn’t make sense. While other companies prefer to sit behind a keyboard our company loves fulfilling orders. (Yes we sell our products on Amazon too! Some FBA and some fulfilled by us directly).

We also facilitate orders that are going to FBA or shipped to one of our warehouses, or if you are planning on doing your fulfillment we will show you how to streamline your orders.

Marketing Your Products on Amazon

For our clients who are looking to maximize their presence on Amazon, purchasing an advertisement could be the best option for you.

But there are many options that Amazon offers such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Sponsored Brands, Sponsor Displays, Sponsored Products, Stores, Video Ads, etc. We help you develop a strategy, execute the strategy and provide constant feedback on the performance of your marketing on Amazon.

We also can assist in getting your brand registered with Amazon Brands Registry. This helps protect your brand from counterfeiters, others who may be reselling your products but not having accurate information being listed, as well as giving you more marketing tools.

100% Catalog Options

Other companies that represent vendors only want to list your high-margin items. We prefer to list your entire catalog if it makes sense for your brand. We do this to allow your company to get more exposure and to capitalize on the maximum amount of sales.

Pricing Guidelines

We make sure that your pricing structure is adheredd to 100% of the time. Amazon is a very competitive market and pricing plays a large role in the buyer’s decision. We stay on top of that and make sure your SKUs are aligned to be competitive with your competitors as well as making sure to not price too low to discount the quality of your goods.

Brand Management

Your brand is important to you and we are here to make sure your brand on Amazon is telling your story accurately. We can help you write a product page that helps highlight the features and benefits of your product.

Photography, Amazon expects product images to be displayed in a certain way. We can use your images or if you don’t have any we can professionally shot and edit product and lifestyle images that exceed Amazon’s standards