7 Types of Commercial Lights

Do you know how to choose the best LED commercial lights? Commercial lighting is the light that is displayed in commercial areas to lighten up that space. A light-emitting Diode LED has become a perfect replacement for metal halide bulbs and traditional commercial lights. Due to its Energy-saving capabilities, it can be widely used in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Nowadays, several kinds of commercial lights are available out this article, we will provide you with all the details about these several kinds of lights

  1. Recessed Troffer Light

In the opening of ceilings, LED recessed troffers are installed. This causes the light to shine down directly. These lights take the place of CFL tubes. These lights release low heat, so these are considered the best.

  1. Task light

These lights are manufactured to help the workers complete their specific tasks. Therefore, they are the best to use in workplaces. The best part about these lights is that they can be installed very easily. They replace the high-pressure sodium, high-intensity discharge, metal halides, incandescent, CFLs, etc.

  1. Track light

These track lights are used to mount the light fixtures. This track has electrical wiring, which doesn’t require wiring these fixtures directly. These are used on walls or ceilings. They are used in galleries because they can be adjusted. LEDs are used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It highlights certain business areas.

  1. Outdoor commercial lights

Some LEDs used outdoor are led shoebox lights, led wall Packs, and floodlights.

  • LED shoebox lights

Led shoebox lights are used as a parking lot light or street light. These shoebox lights are installed on the pole. Sensors can also be installed in them like timers, photosensors, motion sensors, etc.

  • LED-wall pack

The side of a building installs these led wall pack lights. These are used to illuminate the exterior of a building or the parking area.

They can be temporarily used as an alternative to floodlights and illuminate an area.

  • LED Outdoor Floodlights

Floodlights are available in two forms. The first is directional floodlights. These are used in architectural wall washing and facade lighting, and the second one is area flooding. These types of lights are used in warehouses, Stadiums, or parking lots.

  1. LED Warehouse Lighting

It deals with the need for warehouses for extra glare, light, and glamour. They supply sufficient light for warehouse work.

For example, the high bay Fixture UFO has been used in many warehouses and is seen as low light tubes.

They are an excellent replacement option for 400W metal halide bulbs because these lights are usually 100W or 150W and produce more light than energy consumption.

  1. Lay-in-Fixtures

They are used as a replacement for recessed fluorescent lights. They are installed along with the ceilings, which support hardware or flanges.

  1. Desk Lamps

Desk lamps provide a sufficient amount of light. And prevent eye strain and backache.

How to choose the best commercial lighting?

It is not an easy task to choose the best LED commercial lighting for your business. Here are few important things mentioned below. Just keep these things in mind because these points will help you to choose the best commercial lights

  • Color temperature and color rendition

If you want to increase the productivity of your employees, then you need to choose a better light that is in the right color and temperature range.

So your business is directly dependent on the right choice of light. For example, if you own a restaurant, you should choose low lights to create a welcoming space. LED light temperature is valued in degrees Kelvin K. If it is between 2200k to 3000k, then a low-temperature range is best for restaurants.

Moreover, 3500K to 4000k is a mid-temperature range, and it is best for task lighting because it offers a cool and bright light. High-Intensity light ranges from 5000k to 6500k, which is best for security purposes and gives a bluish-white light range.

  • Color brightness and dimness

If you want to pick the best commercial lights for your restaurant or shop, choose a LED bulb with the right lumens .because brightness or dimness is related to the lumens. For example, a 100watt bulb gives 1600 lumens. You can choose light according to your need but keep this in mind too that much bright can cause headache and eyestrain .additionally the brighter lights irritate the people and make the people uncomfortable. So choose the right lighting for your restaurant, office, or shop.

  • Direct and indirect commercial lights

Direct and indirect lights are different from each other. You can choose indirect and direct lights according to your goal. For example, the direct lights are used for offices or restaurants for focusing on a single spot downward. On the other hand, indirect light is issued to illuminate a specific space or spot. This indirect light is used to move the attention to a specific part, which is used in cafes.


There is no doubt that there are various kinds of commercial LED lights such as task lights, desk lights, outdoor lights, direct lights, and indirect lights. These all LED lights perform different functions. Therefore choose commercial lights according to your need. Moreover, these lights are easily available online. If you want to purchase, click here.


Why do commercial buildings use LED lights?

Commercial buildings use LED lights because they are long-lasting, save energy, are less costly, and have an excellent output. That’s why commercial buildings prefer LED lights over other lightning.

What are the best lights for a warehouse?

LED lights are the best choice for warehouse lighting because these lights consume less energy ، more efficient, are less costly, and long-lasting.

Who are many lumens suitable for a warehouse?

According to expert’s recommendations, 10 lumens per square foot is enough

What lights are best for the office?

LED lights of warm yellow or orange color are best for office. These lights keep the environment cool.

Which lights are best for my office?

The best option for office lighting is LED lights because there are different LED lights for the office, such as task lights, desk lights, direct lights, etc.

How bright should my office be?

About 300 to 500 lumens light is appropriate for the office

What kind of LED lights should I use in my store?

You should use bright lights of 1600 lumens for your store. Track lighting, overhead lights, and recessed lighting are best for stores.

How do I choose a light for my cafe?

You should choose the right color, temperature light, and lumens for your cafe. Indirect, direct, and ambient lights are best for cafe