Difference Between T5 LED Tubes and T8 LED Tubes

Are you ready to replace your fluorescent lights with a LED tube? But confused which is better T5 LED tube or T8? Don’t fret. We will explain to you which will be a better solution for you. It is a little bit difficult to find differences between the T5 LED tube and the T8 LED tube because both have various similar features.

Moreover, all LED lights are eco-friendly, consume less energy, and provide efficient lighting, so comparing two LED products is a little hard. But it is fact now people are replacing the outdated fluorescent lights of their homes, restaurants, business, warehouses, and offices with LED lights. Therefore, they are looking for the best-LED lights for their homes, shops, and home-based doubt, the various amazing option of LED lights are available, but two LED lights products, T5, T8 are trending, so people are asking a question about T5 LED tube and T8 LED tube. Which one is more efficient, T5 LED tube or T8 LED tube? Here are complete details about the difference between T5 and T8.

What Is T5 LED Tube?

The “T” in the lamp nomenclature stands for tubular. This is the diameter of the lamp in eighths of ich almost. T5 lamps are almost 40% smaller in size than T8 lamps, which have an inch diameter.

T5 lamps are very small and are usually 5/8” of an inch diameter. There are many differences in length and socket pin designs which usually prevent all problems due to the electrical circuit of human factors.

What Is A T8 LED Tube?

“T” designation is very much used in fluorescent lamp nomenclature, and it stands for tubular, and tubular is the shape of the lamp. The number which comes immediately after the T is the diameter of the lamp. So, a T8 lamp is actually eight-eights of an inch or up to one-inch maximum.

Difference between T5 and T8?

There are differences between the LED T5 tube and the LED T8 LED tube. Few differences are mentioned below

  1. Size

The thickness of the T5 LED tube is less than T8 LED tube as we all know that one T equals 1/8 inch, so one T8 means 1 inch. The diameter of the T5 LED light is 5/8 inch. This can be calculated as

  • T8 diameter=1 inch=26mm
  • T5 diameter=5/8 inch=16mm
  • T means 1/8 of an inch

Moreover, 8 feet long tubes are not common in use but can be used in big rooms. From 2 to 4-foot fluorescent bulbs same light can be obtained as the 8-foot bulb. The bulb of diameter 1, 2, or 3 feet is most used for households. The bulb can also be customized, e.g., of 2 feet, etc.

  1. Design

Usually, the fluorescent lights have a pin-based design to get adjusted into fluorescent light fixtures. The T5 LED tube is usually twisted into a spiral shape. These fluorescent lights are used in kitchens, counter cabinets, garbage, and bathroom. If you want to get the uniform light in the whole kitchen, it is important to use fixtures of equal length.

  1. Brightness

If you are desirous of high bright LED tube lights, you should choose T8 LED light. The brightness of the T8 LED light is higher than the T5 LED. The T5 contains fewer electrons and inert gas, so it provides a dark environment.

  1. Energy-saving

LED lights save more energy than normal light bulbs. T5 LED tube light has more effective than light has less volume, so less power is needed.

  1. Cost

LED lights are available in different sizes and lengths, so their prices vary. Therefore, you should buy T5 LED tube or T8 according to your own need.


As you know, both T8 LED light and the T8 LED light are different from each other in many ways. Their size, dimension, and design are different. If you are thinking to replace your fluorescent lights with an LED tube. You can replace it with fluorescent light with T5 or T8 LED light but according to your need.