Complete Guide About Restaurants Led Lighting

Are you confused while choosing lights for your restaurant? As you, restaurants lighting types play a vital role in the successful establishment of all restaurants. In the areas where safety and visibility are critical, crisp food service good lighting is very much needed. Entry areas of the restaurants and dining room’s lighting are very important for the best ambiance and design of the facility. High-quality light is also required in restrooms as well as in parking lots to provide protection to the public assets. Therefore led is the best solution, because it can provide quality light in every corner of restaurants. But it totally depends on you what kind of atmosphere and vibe do you want in your restaurant? Bright and modern? Or cozy and intimate? Each of these environments needs a different kind of lighting around. For a bright and modern look, like for a coffee shop or a cafe, you should utilize natural light mainly. LEDs must range from 4000k to 4500k. For a warm and vibrant look, use LEDs in a range of 2500k to 3500k.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Restaurants

Here are various benefits of led lights for restaurants and other business

  • The led lights consume 90 percent less energy as compared to other lights
  • These lights are ecofriendly
  • Led lights are long-lasting as compared to traditional lightings
  • The led lights are available in different colors, perfect for restaurants
  • Led are Unique and elegant design lights at a low cost
  • No flicking, no heat up issue
  • Led lights do not emit UV rays, contain o mercury
  • Led lights are available with a dimmable option

Types Of LED Lights For Restaurants

Different areas of restaurants need different kinds of lighting, if we talk about Kitchen, lighting of kitchen is also very important, because it is one of those areas which you don’t want lacking in quality lighting. Restaurants’ kitchens are about multi-tasking, and your staff needs the best lights available to chop, sauté, and cook and bake everything to perfection. LEDs work best in cold environments and delay bacterial growth as well. So food lasts longer and tastes amazing in these lights because ambiance matters a lot.

Moreover, we all had very bad experiences where meals were presented with dingy, flickering, and poor lights around. Even photos were taken, and their menu cards look dull and boring because of improper lights. You should avoid lighting in yellow or orange colors, but don’t use much brighter lights as well, which will wash out food colors. LEDs between 3000k and 4000k will work best in these situations.

Besides, different kinds of lights are available, such as LED pendant lights, panel lights, and street lights. The LED lighting Saves energy because it consumes very little electricity. In addition, LED lights to have a life span of up to 50,000 hours which has reduced the maintenance and replacement costs.

Here Different Types Of Led Lights Are Suggested For Different Areas Of

  1. Accent lighting

Accent lighting enhances the architectural beauty of your restaurant. Led light is used in decor or to highlight details of walls, mirrors, and bathrooms. It gives an aesthetic look to your hotel. Nowadays accent led lighting is very famous throughout the world.

  1. Chandeliers light

Chandeliers give an elegant look to your restaurant. The exotic restaurant uses these hanging chandelier led lights. Most Italian food serving restaurants use this kind of chandelier. You can enhance the lighting by replacing normal bulbs with led lights.

  1. Pendant lighting

Pendant-led lighting is commonly used in lounges and bars. This type of lighting makes your bar more captivating. In addition, these lightings highlight the drinks display, bar assets, and food menu.

  1. Candlelight

To create a romantic environment in a restaurant, candle-led lighting is best. Couples enjoy the dim lighting as they can comfortably conversate with each other, and dinner becomes enjoyable. Led low light or mood lighting can be used for it.

  1. Outdoor lighting

Nowadays outdoor dining is so in trend, especially bbq. Led light creates a charming environment. People love outdoor dining with beautiful light.

  1. Menu light

Now days led lights are also being used in food menus to captivate the attraction of customers. This makes the menu visible and clear to all the customers sitting in whole restaurants. In this way, you can highlight your new deals, offers, etc.

  1. Track fixture

Track fixtures are good enough to enhance the focal point of your restaurant. They make your restaurant more beautiful. They are less expensive as compared to chandeliers and pendants. So you can use the light fixture in your restaurant.

  1. Fan lighting

Led lighting is architectural-friendly. They enhance the architectural beauty. You can choose ceiling lighting for your restaurant so that the lighting doesn’t directly hit customers’ eyes.

  1. Illumination lighting

Many famous restaurants have adopted this lighting idea. It makes the artwork or objects more captivating. To make a perfect ambiance choose LED fixtures.

  1. Natural lights

Nothing can compete with natural light. But it is impossible for the sun to be always there. To make your customers get natural light, you will have to play with temperatures. After the sunsets, you will have to choose a warm ambiance. It gives the cozy vibes, I must say natural lights are the best restaurant lighting. By practicing the above idea, the ranking and demand of your restaurant will increase. LED lights can be used everywhere, from new to contemporary architecture.

Buying guide

But before buying led light, you must keep following things in mind

  • Interior design

Lighting also varies with interior design and restaurant theme

  • Budget

There are different costs of different you should select the best lighting in your budget

  • The surrounding

What type of environment do you want for your restaurant?

  • The menu

Which type of food will be available in your restaurant?

  • Timings

Different lighting is available for different timings like for restaurant opened at night there are different lighting than the lunch buffet hotels.


As mentioned above, if you are starting your restaurant or other business, choose lights wisely. Without any doubt, we can say new advanced technology-led lights are best for restaurants but purchase a different type of led lights for other areas such use accent led lights for decoration, bright lights for kitchen, color full led lights for outdoors, short bay led lights for rooms, etc. because restaurant lighting play important role in the growth of the business.

In short, select only led lights because these lights consume less energy and will provide great output for your restaurant.