LED Replacement for Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

Do you want to replace the CFL bulbs of your home or business? That’s great because we all know that there are better options for new bulbs present in the market than CFLs bulbs. It is a fact that CFL bulbs are not popular nowadays because many companies and brands introduced the latest lighting bulbs with new technology. They proved that this latest LED bulb is way better than the CFL bulb. Do you know which type of bulb is trending nowadays? Let me tell you people are now choosing LED for their homes and offices because these LED bulbs are made of new technology.

Additionally, these LED bulbs are known as energy savers because these LED bulbs consume less power, and their output is excellent. That’s why people are replacing their old CFLs with LED bulbs. But these LED bulbs are costly as compared to CFL bulbs. So, the question is, are these LED bulbs worthy of replacement by CFL bulbs?

First, let me tell you why LED lights are better than fluorescent and why are they preferred over fluorescent? Here are the following reasons to choose LED bulbs over CFLs.

Lighting ability

Lighting ability consists of brightness, color, and angle of illumination. Both LED bulbs and fluorescent bulbs have the same brightness but LED requires less voltage than Fluorescent bulbs. To have a light of 650 to 850 lumen, a fluorescent bulb of 13-18 W is required, while the LED of 7-10 W is enough.

One difference between fluorescent and LEDs is that LED bulbs are not omnidirectional, just like fluorescent. Thus it can be focused on what direction you want. It has more brightness per unit as compared to fluorescent. In a conventional fluorescent bulb, the displayed color is not attractive because it has a low CRI.

Save energy

It is very beneficial to use LED bulbs in this modern world because they consume 95 percent input to generate light and produce no heat. While to have the same brightness, fluorescent bulbs need more input power. You can save energy by using Bedsit’s a bit expensive but worth it because it consumes less energy.

Life span

LED bulbs have a high lifespan as compared to all other bulbs. The lifespan of LED light is 25000 to 500000hours, while the lifespan of fluorescent is 8000 hours. After using LEDs, you can save a lot of money by paying fewer bills. There is an electrode and lamp housing coated with fluorescent powder in a fluorescent bulb.

Structure and functioning

There is an electrode and lamp housing coated with fluorescent powder in a fluorescent bulb. To increase the electrode’s durability and create color light, mercury vapors and inert gas are pumped. But it becomes tougher to manage a damaged bulb because of mercury vapors present in it.

On the other hand, it is easy and safe to use a LED bulb. It consists of a diode through which electricity is passed and converted into light.

So, it is quite reliable and easy to use LEDs, which are good for the environment compared to fluorescent.

How to replace CFL with LED

You should keep in your mind various things if you are going to replace your CFL bulbs. First of all, completely understand your already used CFLs bulb; before replacing your bulb, look what kind of pin your CFLs bulb has because CFLs bulbs are available with different types of pin configuration mostly these are 2 pin or 4 pins. If your CFLs are 2 pin-based, choose a LED bulb with a 2 pin base. It will be comfy for you to replace it. If you select a LED bulb with 4 pin base configuration to replace a 2 pin CFLS bulb, don’t worry. There are converter plugins available in the market.

Moreover, always choose a LED bulb with the same voltage as CFLs. If you prefer a high or low-voltage LED bulb compared to previously used CFLs, it will create an issue. So choose the correct bulb for replacement.

Here are a few options for replacements mentioned below.

Replacement CFLs with type A LED

It has a ballast sheet which you will require to cross-reference with fluorescent PL ballast. It will prevent the problem of not ordering a bulb that doesn’t match your previous ballasts

4 pin electronic ballasts are more common, but some are 2 pins cfl.2 pin CFL has a magnetic ballast. Besides, is a bit difficult to find these, but they are more compatible with LED Pl.

There are two main forms of Type A LED PL lamps. The first one is ballast compatible vertical LED PL other is ballast compatible horizontal LED PL lamps. Vertical base lamps are used where the base is downward, and the lamp acts like a downlight spreading light in a downward direction. At the same time, the horizontal lamps have 120 beams and are used in PL applications. While going further down, you’ll find 2pin GX23 LED PL lamps, and other 2 pin G24 LED PL lamps. To get the right bulb, first, check 4pin G24q can replace the base type of fluorescent pL. G24 base fluorescent LED PL lamps, but still, you should ensure this.

Replacement of CFL with type B LED

Type B LED to detour the ballast and wire to the line voltage. This is the most famous retrofit option because CFL ballast causes compatibility issues. Sometimes by bypassing, we avoid this issue. We have vertical LED bypass the ballast and horizontal LED PL bypass the ballast.

Additionally, Horizontal LED PLs are unique because they have bulbs manufactured to replace 2pinGx23 base CFLs and 4 pin CFL LED replacements with a G24q base. Omnidirectional LED lamps are also present. These have a base of G24 with a beam spread of 260 to 360 degrees.

Replacement of CFL with type D LED

Type D LED PL lamps are the combination of A and B type and are also known as hybrid LED PL Lamps. They have the capability to work with previously present ballast. It can also work without ballast. If the ballast dies out, it can be directly wired with the voltage line of 120_277V. But if you want to use this on the previously existing ballast, you need to check the compatibility. In type A+B LED PL lamps, we may have to deal with magnetic 2 pin CFL ballast or electronic four-pin CFL ballast.

Moreover, it is essential to check the base and shape of bulb-like 2 pin magnetic ballast CFL PL bulbs are smaller in size with a base of G23. While 4 pin magnetic ballast CFL has a base of G24

Final words:

No doubt, LED bulbs are better than CFL bulbs because LED bulbs are long-lasting, consume less power, provide the best lighting. These are easy to use and save energy. So if you want to replace your CFL bulbs, replace them with LED bulbs. There is a wide range of LED bulbs available click it and have a look.

Additionally, if you are confused while choosing the best LED bulb, let us know we will help you. Contact us via email or on social accounts.